Top Ten

February 11, 2008

Good morning from the Colleges Ontario conference!

Ken, Rod, and Connie from Academica Group will join more than 500 delegates from colleges across Ontario for the Colleges Ontario conference, "Branding the Sector," in London.  In addition to gala banquets and awards presentations, keynote presentations include the developers of a UK colleges campaign we first covered back in August (see it on YouTube). Ontario's colleges may plan to launch a similar awareness campaign to enhance student interest in diplomas and applied degrees. (Fanshawe College News Release)

Gun scare locks down Sheridan College

Oakville's Sheridan College was locked down by a flood of police tactical officers on Friday, after a call reporting a man wearing camouflage and "possibly clutching a long-barrelled gun." Police arrived within 2 minutes, and declared the campus safe after 3 hours, suspecting that the "gun" may merely have been a tripod. The scare occurred just hours after a triple-shooting at a vocational college in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

McMaster Library named tops in North America

McMaster University’s library has been named the top academic library in North America by the Association of College and Research Libraries.  McMaster received the "Excellence in Academic Libraries Award" for 2008, in recognition of user-centred innovations and services recently implemented by the library, including opening a Second Life help desk, and creating a learning commons.  In the modern library game, it's no longer all about size of collections.

Georgian College may be first "University College" in Ontario

The Barrie Examiner claims that Georgian College "wants to be a 'university-college' when it grows up," and explains that the concept would be "ground-breaking in Ontario." (UCs exist in BC and other jurisdictions, but in Ontario institutions with UC in their names are almost invariably constituent colleges of a university.) The Examiner quotes Georgian College president Brian Tamblyn, who says, "We want to do the whole gamut -- a one-stop service for PSE. That's our vision."

uAlberta courts the 2015 World University Games

The University of Alberta is hoping to host the World University Games -- again -- in 2015.  uAlberta hosted the competition in 1983, the first time the event took place in North America.  "We took the games to a different level.  We did a lot of firsts in terms of how we organized the event."  Only in 1983 and 1993 have the games taken place in North America. 

Concordia hosts photo contest on Flickr

The Concordia University homepage is sporting what looks to us to be a fresh new look, with bright screen-width photos and navigation geared around the prospective student. (It's worth a look.)  It also promotes a recent Flickr photo contest, with winning student photos of campus being printed in each issue of the Concordia Journal

$20 million for uWaterloo green research

Researchers at the University of Waterloo have received $19.5 million from the Ontario government to support "green products" research.  $8.7 million will go towards an improved version of hybrid or "green" car models.  Other research benefitting from the investment is communication network security, technologies to assist the software sector, and new water treatment system technologies.

$17 million for McMaster/Mohawk program

The Ontario government has also recently announced $16.5 million towards a joint technology program between Hamilton's McMaster University and Mohawk College.  The investment will fund new classrooms and computer labs to train students for careers in IT, manufacturing, civil engineering, and energy.

UoGuelph and faculty association hire mediator

Although the faculty, librarians, and veterinarians at the University of Guelph unionized in 2006, they are still engaged in negotiations to establish their first contract. According to a joint statement issued Friday, "Bargaining has reached an impasse and the parties have agreed to mediation with an external mediator." The mediator has been appointed, and will meet with the administration and faculty association on February 22, and again in mid-March. Both sides have agreed to a media blackout during the negotiation process. 

Illegal rooming houses stir ire in Oshawa

The City of Oshawa, Ontario, is intensely worried about illegal conversions of family homes into student housing, and in fact police are literally raiding student houses, in a "heavy-handed" search for proof they are living illegally in homes meant for families. UOIT president Ron Bordessa, a geographer by training, observes that these town-gown tensions are the "inevitable consequence" of allowing an upscale subdivision to be built next to a rapidly growing campus that has only limited residence spaces.