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February 13, 2008

uCalgary may just have struck it rich

The University of Calgary has just discovered that it somehow owns mineral rights to two square miles of land south of Lethbridge, near the US border, thought to be rich with oil and gas. Currently "it's a treasure hunt" for uCalgary students in geosciences, and a great opportunity to test new technology and give students first-hand experience of the energy industry. But a truly successful well could pump up to $36 million a year into uCalgary's coffers, and that's a lot of bursaries! 

Black students "shocked and outraged" in Windsor

A campus dance party organized by the University of Windsor Caribbean Club on January 20th has sparked allegations of racism and police brutality.  Approximately 30 Windsor Police officers and at least one police dog were on the scene, and a student filming the clash claims to have been threatened with arrest.  A new group called Students Against Anti-Black Racism has been formed, and according to their media release planned to make public videos of the incident at a media conference yesterday, and stage a "Black Thursday" rally on Valentine's Day. 

"Storm" brewing around Muslim students at UTM

University of Toronto at Mississauga political science student Salman Hossain is under attack for online comments allegedly declaring Canadian soldiers "legitimate targets to be killed" and hoping he could "shoot a few Jews down." Student leaders are calling for disciplinary action, more than 600 have joined a Facebook group to have him expelled, and the RCMP have him under investigation for incitement and facilitating terrorism. UTM has a relatively large Muslim student population, and these events have created a particularly sensitive environment on campus. 

UoGuelph and OVC receive $10 million for new hospital

Ontario has announced $9.5 million in funding for a "unique educational centre" in primary healthcare at the University of Guelph's Ontario Veterinary College.  The new facility is part of an overall redevelopment of the OVC and the Veterinary Teaching Hospital.  Studies show that animal owners' expectations of animal healthcare are rising: $1.6 billion was spent on vet care in 2007. 

Watch out Ritalin, here comes OBAY

Obay Bus Shelter 

Across Ontario, outdoor and transit advertising is touting a new pharmaceutical called "Obay." Google it all you like, but so far all you'll find online is this discussion on Yahoo Answers and this photo of a bus shelter ad: "My son used to have his own hopes and aspirations. Now he has mine. Thanks Obay™!" Another ad says, "Are your children starting to think for themselves? Put a stop to it now with Obay™." Some savvy consumers suspect a teaser campaign, and want to know who "the makers of BecauseIToldYouSo™" really are. Some guesses are already surprisingly close...

PostScript: (Feb 21, 2008)  Colleges Ontario has now publicly taken credit for the Obay campaign, and has announced a media conference for Monday. Media Release

State-of-the-art recording studio at Humber

Humber College has unveiled its new state-of-the-art Humber Recording Studio, to benefit the School of Creative & Performing Arts.  The new facility is the "first in Canada designed to function as both a recording and instructional venue."  The studio stands apart because of its high-end equipment, including "the world's first truly hybrid recording console." The studio is able to accommodate up to 15 students during sessions.

uOttawa researchers receive $12 million for new projects

Engineering researchers at the University of Ottawa have been awarded $6 million to commercialize technologies.  The funds come from the provincial government and will be matched by private sector donations.  $2 million will fund research for public security systems.  $1 million will fund environmentally sustainable ways to handle waste.  $3 million will fund a wireless network to assist doctors treating distant patients. 

TD donates ten years of seminars to McGill business students

TD Bank Financial has announced $1 million to support "leadership initiatives" at McGill's Desautels Faculty of Management.  The investment will support the MBA Global Leadership Seminar and the Undergraduate Leadership Seminar. Both programs are designed to promote leadership through collaboration, and to foster personal reflection and responsibility.

Online student conversations call on schools to be more transparent

Students are sharing information about their college and university admissions offers on popular social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace and Bebo.  These online conversations point to holes in the information provided by universities, including whether seminars will be crowded, how much time students will get from lecturers, and so on.  "Universities are going to have to become more proficient at answering these kinds of questions, even if it is uncomfortable." 

Writers' strike fuels explosion in online video

More than 10 billion videos were watched by 141 million unique US viewers in December 2007, setting new records for online video usage.  Google was the most used path to online video, accounting for 32.6% of total videos watched, and YouTube played a role in 97% of those visits.  On average, viewers watched 3.4 hours of online video during December. Due to the writer's strike in the US, online content has experienced a surge of new and more frequent users.