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February 29, 2008

Globe & Mail "Report on Law Schools"

Yesterday's Globe & Mail included a 3-page "Report on Law Schools" that included a list of "Law schools, and their specialties". Students say working with community groups takes them "out of the classroom, into the trenches" and "reminds us of why we wanted to be lawyers in the first place." Today's young lawyers are looking for work/life balance, "Beyond the Partner's office". A rising trend among Canadian students is the combination of an LLB with an MBA: "Studying to become a double threat".

Ontario commits $15 million to UofT's "Fort Book"

Earlier this month we reported on a $75 million expansion of the Robarts Research Library at the University of Toronto. The Ontario government has announced that it will provide the first $15 million towards the project.  A new wing will be added with almost 3,000 new study spaces and a "fancy outdoor amphitheatre-style seating." The plans also include removing some of the concrete walls to let sun shine into the building.  Ontario News Release | The Toronto Star

Student groups divided over end of CMSF

The Canadian Federation of Students claimed victory on Tuesday, with the Federal budget's decision not to renew the Canada Millennium Scholarship Foundation.  But Erin Millar at Maclean's asks, "Is giving more students less money really victory?"  CMSF's $350 million annual budget, and $138 million distributed through Canada Access and Study Grants, are all to be replaced by the new national grant system.  CASA wonders who will fill the research gap left by CMSF: "The Foundation was the only group doing research on access issues, Aboriginal, low income and first-generation students." Maclean's On Campus

uRegina students, politicians sleep outside for tuition freeze

15 University of Regina students spent the night sleeping outside in sub-zero cold to campaign for a tuition freeze.  The uRegina student union president was joined by fellow students in an overnight camp in front of the Riddell centre.  2 NDP MLAs joined the students through the night.  The following morning, the students' union provided free breakfast to all students to raise awareness of the campaign.  Students were asked to sign a petition supporting the freeze.  The Leader-Post

UBC students raise awareness about PSE commercialization

"Resisting the University" is a 5-day conference being organized by students at the University of British Columbia. Topics will include workshops and discussions of academic freedom, the corporatization of campus, and rising student debt. Organizers say they are frustrated by "the trajectory that the University is on.  A lot of issues aren't being dealt with in the classroom."  The Ubyssey (Student Newspaper)

CCL holds 2nd annual Aboriginal education conference

Education stakeholders gathered in Vancouver yesterday for a 3-day conference exploring the role indigenous knowledge plays in strengthening learning outcomes of First Nations, Metis and Inuit peoples.  This is the second annual conference organized by the Canadian Council on Learning's Aboriginal learning Knowledge Centre.  The University of Saskatchewan joins several other groups, such as the Aboriginal Education Research Centre and the First Nations Education Steering Committee, in supporting the event.  CCL News Release

Announcing Ontario's "Best Lecturer" finalists

The polls will open this weekend, not for the latest US primary, but for TVO's Best Lecturer competition.  The final nominees include faculty from McMaster, uWindsor, Brock, uToronto, UOIT, Loyalist College, and uWaterloo.  uWindsor, uToronto and Brock each have 2 faculty in the running.  TVO

NIU plans to demolish site of campus shooting

Northern Illinois University has announced that it will be tearing down Cole Hall, the building where 22 students were shot and 5 students were killed earlier this month.  In its place, a new "state of the art" classroom building called Memorial Hall will be built, thanks to state funding.  The Chronicle of Higher Education (Subscription Required)

Postscript (March 11, 2008):

Now it seems the decision has been reversed. A presidential email was sent to students, faculty and staff saying that instead the future of the 40-year-old building should be determined by a "consensus opinion" of the people connected with the university.  The Chronicle of Higher Education (Subscription Required)

Free iPhones / iPods for all freshmen

The 900 incoming students at Abilene Christian University, in Abilene Texas, will each receive their choice of either an iPhone or iPod Touch. (Ken will vouch for how cool they both are!) The "Connected" program comes with an undisclosed price tag, but the program webpage features videos of how the campus plans to engage its fully-wired freshman class, and a blog where faculty and staff have been contributing thoughts on mobile learning technology. The Chronicle of Higher Education | ACU | iThinkEd

Antioch College to close after 155 years

It's another illustration of the declining market for liberal arts education, and the growing importance of older "non-traditional" learners. Non-profit Antioch College, in Ohio, will officially close its doors at the end of the school year, although its for-profit subsidiary Antioch University continues to thrive with five campuses serving older students. Alumni had hoped the College could become a freestanding liberal arts institution, and raised almost $20 million for their cause.  On Friday, the board officially upheld its decision to shutter the college in fall 2008.  The Chronicle of Higher Education (Subscription Required)