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April 4, 2008

uWaterloo has a $100-million year for private donations

The University of Waterloo has joined an elite group of Canadian universities that have each raised $100 million in a single year.  uWaterloo raised $100 million in private-sector donations over the last fiscal year.  Until now, only the UBC, uCalgary and uToronto had attained this level of fundraising success. Campaign Waterloo launched 6 years ago, and has raised a total of $453 million so far.  uWaterloo News Release

uCalgary gears up for largest capital expansion to date

The University of Calgary has announced a new Vice President of Capital Planning and Development to lead its "most ambitious capital growth plan in its history."  Bob Ellard, a senior architect and experienced business leader and community builder, will lead the university's $900-million capital expansion plan.  uCalgary News Release

uOttawa pays students $10,000 for ideas to improve campus life

Last week, we covered McGill's campaign which challenged the community for ways to "cut the red tape" on campus.  The University of Ottawa seems to have had a similar idea, and recently asked students to find "ten ways to improve life on campus."  Students were invited to submit ideas through a special micro-site.  285 entries were submitted and then voted on by students from 12 faculties.  10 winners were announced yesterday, each receiving $1,000.  uOttawa News Release | Good !deas micro-site

Yukon College seeks to offer more joint degrees

Yukon College hopes to offer more degrees in the future, but will not be pursuing university status.  Currently the college offers three degrees through partnerships with two universities (uRegina and uAlaska Southeast), but hopes to add more in the future.  "President Terry Weninger says, "I steer clear of saying university status because that brings up a whole different concept and different way of operating."  CBC

Middle-class students carry heaviest financial load

Canadian financial aid is calculated on the assumption that students graduating from high school will receive support from their parents upon graduation.  New research from the Canada Millennium Scholarship Foundation finds that middle-income parents "typically" do not contribute as much to their children's higher education costs as financial aid programs assume.  In response, the government has reduced "expected parental contribution amounts" both in 2005 and again in 2007.  Research suggests that direct student funding would be preferable to tax breaks.  CMSF

UN University institute moves into McMaster Innovation Park

The first inhabitants of the McMaster Innovation Park are scheduled to move into the new facility sometime next week.  The Park is taking over a former office building, after thoroughly upgrading it.  The 1.7-million square foot facility will include space for 3,000 employees, as well as labs, conference rooms and a sky-lit atrium.  McMaster News Release

Laurentian opens new research lab

Laurentian University opened its new Multidisciplinary Qualitative Research Laboratory earlier this week.  The new facility will be home to health-related research programs focusing on exercise, sport, mental health and wellness.  The lab will be used by researchers, professionals and graduate students and will promote collaboration, knowledge transfer and collaborative training.  The facility is funded by the Canadian Foundation for Innovation and the Ontario Research Fund, as well as Grand & Toy and several university departments.  Laurentian News Release

Edmonton campaign successfully recruits Toronto grads

Edmonton's "Succeed Sooner" campaign has had so much success attracting Toronto students to settle out west after graduating, that organizers are considering spreading the campaign's nets to pursue grads in other regions of Ontario.  The campaign aimed to generate 1,000 inquiries about Edmonton, with events held at various Toronto colleges and universities.  More than 1,300 students attended the events, and more than 6,000 logged onto  Edmonton claims to be the hottest job market in Canada.  Young professionals are reported to earn 27% more on average in Edmonton than in Toronto.  The Globe & Mail

Facebook drives mainstream BlackBerry adoption

More than 1 million BlackBerry users have downloaded Research in Motion's Facebook application, allowing them to make updates, send messages and share photos through the popular site via their handheld devices.  RIM's co-CEO reflects that the BlackBerry is no longer exclusive to the "Bay Street set," but is now being lovingly adopted by university students and teens as well.  The Facebook application is used by about 7% of all BlackBerry users.  The Globe & Mail | Inside Facebook

uWindsor to replace lawns with green and blue astroturf

The vision for uWindsor's Lawns

The University of Windsor showed fantastic April spirit earlier this week when it announced that it would replace all of its green spaces with artificial turf dyed to match the colours of the school's new brand.  President Ross Paul appeared on CBC's Crosstown and local TV news, and kept a straight face when he declared, "This project will be my legacy to future generations of scholars and students at the University of Windsor." uWindsor's DailyNews published photos of the new-look landscape.   DailyNews