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August 6, 2008

York tops $160-million mark in "Power of 50" campaign

In the 2007-08 fiscal year, York University raised nearly $36 million in new support for its "Power of 50" campaign, now standing at over $160 million towards its $200-million goal. Since the York University Foundation was established in 2002, the number of York donors has jumped 77%. This year, York introduced the Family Campaign, targeting current and retired university employees. The Family Campaign is now just 258 donors shy of its goal of 2,009 donors for York's 50th birthday next year. This year, students pledged over $7 million. Y-File

uToronto warns of potential sex offender

University of Toronto campus police have issued a warning about a potential sex offender claiming to be either a uToronto or a Ryerson University employee. A campus-issued bulletin reports of a man, often identifying himself as a staff photographer named Steve, who asks a woman to pose for pictures, then asks her to move to more a secluded area, and takes more photographs before sexually assaulting her. The suspect is described as six-foot-tall clean-shaven white male in his 40s, with a thin build and short, curly, dark greying hair. uToronto Community Alert | National Post

Suspended Academy of Learning shuts down BC location

Last Thursday, Academy of Learning, a Canadian-based private career college franchise, closed its Maple Ridge BC location, which continued to accept students for 4 weeks after it and 3 other BC campuses were suspended. The Private Career Training Institutions Agency revoked the 4 locations' registration and accreditation for violating agency bylaws. The campuses' owner said he kept operating the Maple Ridge location because he is getting the accreditation reinstated. Maple Ridge News

uAlberta appeals LRT station renaming ruling

The University of Alberta is appealing an Edmonton city committee rejection of its request to rename the Bay LRT stop Enterprise Square Station, after uAlberta's downtown facility, which is housed in a former Bay store. The committee turned down the request because of the Bay's historical significance, and calling the station Enterprise Square wouldn't meet naming requirements. A hearing on the appeal is scheduled for September. Renaming the station would cost approximately $200,000. A uAlberta official says the school is willing to cover the cost, as well as commemorate the site. Edmonton Journal

CNA launches boat building program

With assistance from the federal and the Newfoundland and Labrador governments, the College of the North Atlantic is introducing a new boat industry training program to meet labour market demands and to assist existing workers in upgrading their skills. The 3-year pilot program will allow 15 students to complete the first year of the program at CNA's Seal Cove campus, followed by 2 years of on-the-job training at boat yards across the province. In addition, the program will provide on-site training for up to 35 existing boat builders. CNA News Release | NL News Release

How to define "college readiness"

At this week's inaugural conference of the University of Southern California-based Centre for Enrollment Research, Policy, and Practice, one discussion focused on how to broadly define and evaluate college readiness. Admissions experts agreed SAT scores do not fully reveal a student's ability to perform well in college, whereas achievement tests may be better measures. Tools used to evaluate job candidates in the private sector, such as the "situational judgment inventory," and multiple-choice biographical questions may be useful in admissions. To judge students on non-academic abilities, schools must consider adopting reliable measures of non-cognitive traits that link with college success. The Chronicle of Higher Education (subscription required)

PSE branding more than just a campus photo

In the age of social media, along with a host of other advertising avenues, more and more US colleges are developing branding strategies as a means to stand out in an increasingly competitive market where viewbooks featuring ivy-clad buildings just aren't enough. For example, UCLA launched a media campaign this spring advertising "UCLA, Unabashed," featured in major national newspapers. In 2002, Arizona State University promoted its "New American University" campaign through the Web, video content, and targeted mailings. Business Week

Good week for Apollo Group

It's been a good week so far for Apollo Group Inc, owner of the University of Phoenix and Fredericton-based Meritus University. On Tuesday, a US federal judge overturned a $280-million verdict made in January against Apollo Group, citing lack of evidence proving the company committed securities fraud. Also on Tuesday, Apollo Group announced it purchased a 65% stake in Universidad Latinoamericana SC, a Mexico City-based private university known for its dentistry, medicine, and communications programs. Apollo Group News Release | Associated Press | Phoenix Business Journal

Binge-drinking college women at risk for sexual aggression

A new study from the US-based Research Institute on Addictions found that college women ages 18 and 19 who binge drink -- consuming 4 or more alcoholic beverages per day -- are almost 20 times more likely to experience sexual aggression, ranging from unwanted groping to rape. The study's author says young women who binge drink are more focused on having fun rather than protecting themselves. Higher rates of heavy drinking among young women suggest such activity is meant to empower, as well as attract men. RIA News Release | CanWest News Service

HP campaign to help students avoid "Fear U"

A young woman hanging around an ominous college campus becomes terrified and runs for her life. Sounds like a typical summer slasher flick, but "Fear U" is actually a Hewlett-Packard contest and product promotion. The tagline reads "Going to university is scary enough. Don't let your laptop be the source of your fear." The "Fear U" website also features a forum for discussing laptop choices, as well as typical freshmen issues like dealing with annoying roommates and how to impress the girl in your Tuesday lecture. Fear U