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September 8, 2008

uCalgary offers 4-year graduation guarantee

This fall, the University of Calgary is offering frosh in BA or BSc degree programs a guarantee they will graduate in 4 years. The Graduation Guarantee program offers full-time students in 4-year degree programs in the faculties of Communication and Culture, Social Sciences, Science, and Humanities an agreement ensuring they will be able to graduate within 4 years, or the university will pay the tuition for any extra courses needed to finish. uCalgary is the first university in Canada to offer such a guarantee for timely graduation. uCalgary News Release | Graduate Guarantee

Student records exposed in NL security breach

The Newfoundland and Labrador government announced yesterday that student aid records involving 90 individuals were accessed by an unauthorized source in a security breach, which has since been corrected. Exposed information included social insurance numbers, birth dates, addresses, income status, and signature forms. The breach was uncovered by a student who could see others' information while filling out an online application. The site was taken down and repaired. The database had records belonging to about 48,000 students at the time of the breach. CBC

Update on uWinnipeg construction projects

Last Wednesday, the University of Winnipeg released an update on construction projects that are part of its Campus Development Plan. Among the projects listed are the McFeetors Hall: Great-West Life Student Residence, slated for completion next August, and the Richardson College for the Environment and Science Complex, expected to be complete in spring 2010. A student union-managed day care centre will begin construction next March 2009 and finish in August. uWinnipeg News Release

UBC graduate student union releases satirical handbook

Last Thursday, the University of British Columbia's Graduate Student Society overturned its executive's decision to recall the graduate student handbook. GSS council voted overwhelmingly in favour of redistributing the handbook, which had been withdrawn because its contents were deemed to be "inflammatory." The handbook includes jabs against the university and the BC government. Copies were distributed yesterday, and included a disclaimer noting the views expressed inside do not necessarily reflect those of the GSS, its council, or advertisers. Vancouver Province

Fanshawe pharmacy tech program accredited

Fanshawe College's Pharmacy Technician Diploma program has been awarded provisional accreditation by the Canadian Council for Accreditation of Pharmacy Programs. A program co-ordinator says the accreditation validates the course and that graduates will be properly prepared to enter the workforce. The provisional accreditation runs until 2011. Fanshawe News

uVic runs campaign on feral rabbits

This week the University of Victoria is launching a public awareness campaign about the feral rabbit population on campus. The campaign aims to eliminate further abandonment of unwanted pet rabbits, reduce the feeding of rabbits with human food, and prevent cruelty to and harassment of the rabbits. The campaign warns the public not to chase, handle, or pet the rabbits. uVic is calling on the municipal government to toughen pet-abandonment bylaws. uVic News Release | Vancouver Province

Dal launches sexual responsibility campaign

Dalhousie University has launched an awareness campaign about unwanted sexual activity. The "Sex should not be a crime" campaign provides tips on how to properly get consent for a sexual activity, and how to say no. The campaign website includes information on date rape, dating abuse, sexual assault, and criminal harassment. The site provides links to resources on campus, as well as to university policies concerning sexual assault and harassment. Dal's campaign is modelled after the University of Toronto's "Ask First" campaign. Get Consent

Canada should consider a national credit transfer system

In order to address the issue of academic mobility, Canada should consider a national credit transfer system, according to a report released last month by the Certified General Accountants Association of Canada. The report is based on 8 regional roundtable sessions that brought together a cross-section of participants, including those from the PSE sector, about Canada's most pressing skills and learning challenges. Another recommendation is to make it easier for international students to obtain permanent residency (it seems Canada is already working on that). CGA News Release | Read the full report

Privacy creates "digital divide" between young and old

New research from Ryerson University shows that privacy in relation to online social networks forms a "digital divide" between youth and an older generation of managers and executives. Young people have concern for their privacy when using sites like Facebook and MySpace, and are more willing to share information with friends than with family and managers at work. Meanwhile, organizations believe that anything posted on the web is public and does not warrant protection. Ryerson News

Cambridge seeks UK TV soap stardom

In an effort to ditch its elitist image, Cambridge University has written to producers at the top 3 soap operas in the UK asking them to include the university in their storylines. Cambridge has also approached other shows about using the school as a filming location and to recreate an infamous stunt. The purpose of these pleas is to appeal to students from different backgrounds. While no deals have been made, the show EastEnders is featuring a storyline about 2 working-class teenagers applying to Cambridge and Oxford. The Telegraph | Associated Press