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September 12, 2008

Green policy on PSE

At a campaign stop at St. Francis Xavier University last Thursday, Green Party Leader Elizabeth May delivered her policy statement on PSE. May said the party would boost student aid in the form of an expanded Canadian National Student Loan and Bursary Program. She said the Greens would also forgive half of a student loan for those who graduate with a degree or certificate. The party would increase federal transfer payments to the provinces for schools. The policy also focuses on expanding industry-based job training and apprenticeship programs. Green Party News Release | Canadian Press

York law school opens student residence

Last Wednesday, York University held an opening ceremony for the Osgoode Chambers, a residence specifically for Osgoode Hall Law School students. The 137-unit Osgoode Chambers, also known as the "O.C.", is located across the street from the law school. The "O.C" was built in order to attract out-of-province students. Y-File

Canadore, Nipissing students support $22-million student centre expansion

Last week, Canadore College and Nipissing University students voted in favour of a new fee to help pay for a $22-million student centre expansion. Construction would begin next summer, and the centre is scheduled to open by the fall of 2010. Voter turnout was low as out of 6,000 students combined, only 844 votes were counted. North Bay Nugget

UWO students to vote on UCC renovation

In February, University of Western Ontario students will vote on the fate of a proposed $15-million reconstruction of the University Community Centre. Campus Recreation's move from the UCC to the new Western Student Recreation Centre in December will free up extra space, which could be used for classrooms. UWO's student council is proposing interior renovations to areas occupied by council-run services and operations. The proposal entails extra study, club, activity, and community lounge areas. Western News

Parking at VIU frustrates students

Parking at Vancouver Island University is causing problems for students and nearby residents. Students say they are having difficulty finding parking on campus, leaving some to park illegally on streets that are not campus property. Residents are frustrated by the excess cars on their streets, and some are resorting to putting up signs or pylons to save their own spaces. VIU officials say there is plenty of parking on campus. VIU is trying to reduce the number of cars on campus through carpooling programs and special passes. Nanaimo Daily News

RDC unveils new brand

Last Friday, Red Deer College unveiled its new brand. The redesigned brand features a new logo with "RDC" in black with a green arc above it. The school's new tagline reads: "when you get here you understand." RDC has also updated its website to reflect the new brand. Stationery, business cards, and promotional material showcasing the new brand will be rolled out in the next month. Change to signage will occur over the fall and continue through the fall of 2010. RDC website | Red Deer Advocate

Tyndale introduces campus video tours

Tyndale University College, a Christian-based institution located in Toronto, has created video tours of its campus. Each week, Tyndale will release a new video, and there are 5 in total. The first video, titled "Getting Started," follows student Joanna Gorres visiting the registration and financial aid offices and the bookstore. Tyndale Admissions Blog

AAU launches Season 2 of The Life Changers

Yesterday marked the launch of the second season of The Life Changers, produced by the Association of Atlantic Universities. The series comprises half-hour programs on research and development at Atlantic Canada's universities. Season 2 features 5 shows about cutting-edge R&D conducted at Memorial University, Mount Allison University, and Dalhousie University. The Life Changers

Concordia restricts Facebook access

Concordia University has restricted access to Facebook on its network. The social networking site can no longer be accessed from desktop computers with a wired connection. However, Facebook is still available through a wireless network connection and in all residences. Concordia implemented the restriction over concerns that spam, viruses, and leaks of confidential information related to Facebook would compromise the university's network. [email protected] | CJAD

uLethbridge student wins Canadian Idol competition

University of Lethbridge student Theo Tams was crowned Canadian Idol last week, beating out co-finalist Mitch MacDonald. uLethbridge supported Tams' run by holding community viewings of the show, including the finale, on campus. The university also documented Tams' progress on its website. uLethbridge Notice Board