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October 16, 2008

Dal Invites MBA Students "Straight to the Juicy"

Dal MBA advertising 

In September 2008, Dalhousie University announced "the first corporate residency MBA in Canada," to launch in 2009. The program is open to recent BA and BSc grads, with no work experience required, although in addition to academic criteria, applicants will need to pass an admissions interview much like an employment interview. The program will accommodate 50 students, who will enjoy lengthy, 8-month paid internships with North America's top employers, says the school, at pro-rated management-level salaries.

Dal MBA Microsite

Dal has established a microsite,, to promote the new degrees, and is launching print advertising to emphasize the accelerated pathway to a career -- "no waiting" "straight to the juicy," "gets you what you want, faster," and "where self-starters start." 

McGill Makes its Case in 6 Words

In October 2008, McGill University launched its new capital campaign with a series of online banner ads and four bold newspaper ads (in the Globe and Mail and the Toronto Star) that were little more than six-word teaser headlines, with the invitation to "get the whole story at ". McGill also purchased a mural on John Street in Toronto, and arranged for night projections of the six ads on Toronto buildings, 4 nights a week for 8 weeks.

McGill Projected Ads 

McGill's media release indicates that the campaign is aimed at the Toronto community, "home to many McGill students and alumni." Components of the campaign include an outdoor mural, night projections on buildings such as the Air Canada Centre and City Hall, newspaper ads and web banners aimed at readers of The Globe and Mail, the Toronto Star, and

McGill Six Words Microsite

On the microsite, a series of striking portraits of faculty and students appear, with the same 6-word headlines (see above). Below, fine print explains that "Hemingway famously wrote 'For Sale: Baby Shoes, Never Worn' -- and called it a six-word story. Using the literary form that he helped pioneer, we created this site to showcase outstanding members of the McGill community."

McGill Six Words Portrait

In addition to reading the portraits of these 6 individuals, visitors to the website are encouraged to post their own stories, or "Explore McGill" through a dedicated campaign news page.  

It's an interesting, bold approach -- refreshingly brief, and eye-catching in a three-quarter-page newspaper ad. Although I don't know why the "Campaign McGill" logo looks so much like the logo for Memorial University...

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