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March 6, 2009

York imposes sanctions on 4 student groups for disruptive events

Last Thursday, York University announced that it has punished 4 student organizations with fines and suspensions for their involvement in recent events that disrupted classes in the vicinity of Vari Hall, a popular, all-purpose building. The participants violated an agreement that they not disturb academic activity on campus. York is also investigating complaints against 3 individuals falling under the student code of conduct in regards to an incident last month in which anti-Semitic slurs were allegedly made. York News Release | National Post | Toronto Star

Digital media graduate school planned for downtown Toronto

Ryerson University president Sheldon Levy announced Thursday that he and the leaders of the Universities of Toronto and Waterloo have been discussing the creation of a digital media graduate school in downtown Toronto. The initiative would join talent with businesses struggling to adapt to emerging technology. Levy said the joint venture could be running in less than 2 years. The 3 universities have already discussed the proposed program with the Ontario government, and have taken the idea to businesses such as banks and technology firms. Ryerson News | Globe and Mail | Toronto Star | Sheldon Levy's Speech to the Empire Club

Details of research granting councils' budget cuts emerge

In a series of e-mails sent to stakeholders last month, the presidents of SSHRC, NSERC, and CIHR provide details of cuts mandated by the recent federal budget. SSHRC plans to cut $8.2 million from its budget over the next 3 years by ending the Research Time Stipends program and cutting $5.6 million from health-related research. CIHR will cut $40 million by terminating the Open Team Grant Program and the Intellectual Property Mobilization program. NSERC is reducing its budget by almost $70 million through a number of cuts, such as the elimination of University Faculty Awards. CAUT News | Maclean's

"We need to do whatever we can to raise our profile"

For many institutions outside the country's largest urban centres, meeting enrolment targets is an ongoing concern, leading some to step up their recruitment efforts. Trent University is working with a US-based SEM specialist to help track down interested high school students. Acadia University representatives will spend March break at Toronto's Eaton Centre to attract the attention of undecided teens. Academica Group's Ken Steele expects the trend in aggressive recruitment, spawned by dwindling demographics, to continue as major cities become more concentrated with young people, particularly recent immigrants or first-generation students, who generally stay close to home for university. Globe and Mail

Regaining sustainability at Laurentian

Last month, Laurentian University's board of governors unanimously approved A plan for regaining sustainability at Laurentian University, which provides the institution with a comprehensive framework that will ensure its financial stability in the future and a return to a balanced budget within 3 years. Laurentian faces a projected $5.3-million deficit. The plan focuses on recruitment, retention, and cost-saving strategies. Laurentian News Release | A plan for regaining sustainability at Laurentian University

UWO launches $3-million online campaign for theatre renovation project

The University of Western Ontario has launched an online campaign to raise $2.5 million in private funds for the $5-million Talbot Theatre renovation project. The theatre will be renamed after outgoing president Paul Davenport. UWO alumna and Tony-nominated actress Louise Pitre has signed on to be the face of the campaign. Western News

PSE affordability a concern for Ontarians

According to a new poll conducted for the Ontario Confederation of University Faculty Associations, 70% of low-income earners in the province are concerned about the rising costs of higher education. 64% of parents with children in high school are also worried about the growing PSE cost. 85% of respondents said the Ontario government should make higher education a priority in its forthcoming budget. OCUFA News Release

McMaster launches sustainability website

McMaster University recently unveiled a new website dedicated to environmental and social sustainability. The site provides an overview of initiatives McMaster is undertaking in areas such as alternative transportation, green space, water, energy, and health and wellbeing. The site includes links to related news, events, research, and publications. A video on the site offers tips on how the university community can help McMaster in its effort to create a more sustainable campus. McMaster Daily News | Sustainability at McMaster

Popularity impacts earning power

New research from UK-based Essex University adds to growing evidence that social skills, not just academic prowess, are essential to success later on in life. Using US data, the study found that for each extra friend a student had in school, their salary 35 years later was 2% higher. Previous research has shown that every extra year of education later boosts earnings by 5%. Sunday Times | Read the full paper

US podcast audience to reach 38 million by 2013

eMarketer predicts that by 2013, 37.6 million Americans will be downloading podcasts on a monthly basis, more than double the 2008 figure of 17.4 million. Percentage-wise, podcast downloaders will grow from 9% in 2008 to 17% in 2013. 18- to 29-year-olds represent the highest proportion of podcast downloaders, according to the Pew Internet & American Life Project. The higher the level of education, income, and online experience an individual has, the more likely he or she will download podcasts. eMarketer