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June 9, 2009

$44 million for campus infrastructure in Saint John

The federal and New Brunswick governments announced Monday $43.5 million in joint infrastructure funding for capital projects at post-secondary institutions in Saint John. The city's University of New Brunswick campus is receiving $18 million for its $25-million high-tech learning commons, while the local New Brunswick Community College campus is getting $25.5 million. Meanwhile, designs were revealed Monday for 2 NBCC facilities in Saint John: a $21-million Centre of Excellence for Energy and Construction, and a $23-million Allied Health Centre to be built on the UNBSJ campus. NB News Release 1 | NB News Release 2 | Saint John Telegraph-Journal | CBC

Brandon U to leave 5% of faculty positions vacant

In a bid to make over $1.2 million in cuts to balance its budget, Brandon U is leaving 5% of its professors' positions unfilled for the 2009-10 academic year. The university is also digging into its reserve funds and making a number of small cuts across campus to minimize the shortfall. Brandon U expects enrolment to drop by 3%. A proposed significant increase to international student fees, which drew criticism from students, was removed from the budget by the university's board of governors. Winnipeg Free Press

Parry Sound to donate land for Canadore expansion

The town council for Parry Sound Ontario has approved the donation of 4 acres of land for Canadore College's expansion in the town. The college received $6.2 million last month from the federal and Ontario governments for the project. Construction is expected to begin in September. Parry Sound Beacon Star

Concordia to build sports dome

Concordia University announced Monday that it will build a $4.4-million state-of-the-art dome at its Loyola campus. An air-supported structure will cover the university's artificial field located behind Concordia stadium, allowing the university to run athletics and recreational activities all year long on the south field. A grand opening for the dome is scheduled for November. Concordia Department of Recreation and Athletics

Carleton launches Centre for Monetary and Financial Economics

Last Friday, Carleton University announced the creation of its new Centre for Monetary and Financial Economics. The goal of the centre is to foster cutting-edge knowledge and research to be used to inform the Canadian public and policy-makers about current pressing economic issues. The centre will house 20 Carleton researchers to set up, manage, and expand national and international networks and communities. Carleton News Release

Grenfell prof proposes healthy aging research centre

A psychology professor at Sir Wilfred Grenfell College will present today his concept for a Centre for the Study of Healthy Aging at the college. Noting that Newfoundland and Labrador is the only province in Canada without such a centre, Dr. Leslie Cake envisions the centre being housed in the Long Term Care Centre currently being built on Memorial University's property behind Grenfell. The professor has learned through his consultations that there are many shared research interests locally. Grenfell News Release

NB students criticize time clause of debt relief program

Many PSE students in New Brunswick are upset with the provincial government's timely completion clause for its debt relief program. Loans exceeding $26,000 will be forgiven, but students must finish their degree in 4 years in order to qualify. Students have up to 7 months to provide documentation demonstrating exceptional circumstances. The president of the New Brunswick Student Alliance say the clause should be scrapped, noting that it doesn't take into account students who switch majors, fall ill, or have major commitments that force them to take another year. Daily Gleaner

uAlberta unveils webpage celebrating faculty, student research

The University of Alberta has launched a page on its website recognizing the more than 1,000 university students and staff who received research awards in 2008. Visitors to the page can look up short profiles on 38 research award recipients who were featured at uAlberta's first Celebration of Research & Innovation in March. There are also video portraits of 6 individuals who were honoured at the March event. Recognizing Excellence

More US college applicants foregoing "dream schools"

According to a new survey released yesterday by the US-based National Association for College Admission Counseling, 71% of high-school guidance counsellors saw more of their students foregoing their "dream schools" in favour of more affordable options. Almost 60% reported an increase in students planning to attend public institutions rather than private, and 37% saw more students choosing 2-year colleges over 4-year ones. 15% of counsellors reported an increase in students planning to delay college enrolment for financial reasons. The Chronicle of Higher Education (subscription required) | Read the survey

Time spent on social networks up 83%

Total minutes spent on social networking sites has increased 83% year-over-year in the US, according to new data from Nielsen Online. Between April 2008 and April 2009, total minutes spent on Facebook jumped nearly 700%, while there was a whopping 3712% increase in time spent on Twitter. Although time spent on MySpace dropped 31%, the site is #1 when it comes to streams and total minutes spent viewing video. MySpace visitors spent 384 million minutes watching video on the site in April, while Facebook users spent 113.5 million minutes viewing video. Nielsen Online News Release