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December 14, 2010

Lansbridge U takes NB to court over accreditation loss

Lansbridge University Corp. has filed an action in court against the New Brunswick government, the province's PSE minister, and lieutenant-governor in an attempt to overturn the province's decision to revoke the private online institution's accreditation. Lansbridge U is seeking to stay temporarily the order-in-council issued by cabinet in August revoking the institution's license. If the motion were granted, the original order-in-council giving Lansbridge U accreditation would go back into effect. Daily Gleaner

York U campus to reopen today after fire

York University's Keele campus is set to reopen today after a fire in its central utilities building Monday cut off the institution's heat. The blaze, caused by a cut to a diesel gas line, damaged steam boilers and generators used to heat most campus buildings. Exams scheduled for yesterday were postponed until further notice, while today's exam schedule will continue as planned. Students living in residence who were relocated to hotels Monday night were brought back to campus by shuttle bus yesterday. Toronto Star | Globe and Mail | CBC

NB allocates $27 million for PSE institutions in capital budget

Yesterday New Brunswick's finance minister released a trimmed down $592.9-million capital budget, down from the $940.4 million spent by the previous Liberal government in 2010-11. The province is earmarking $19.4 million for the community college network to complete major projects underway and continue routine maintenance. The Maritime Provinces Higher Education Commission will receive $7.5 million to fund deferred maintenance costs for universities, half of the $15 million allocated in last year's capital budget. NB News Release | CBC

Frat headquarters puts uAlberta chapter under provisional suspension

Delta Kappa Epsilon's international headquarters in the US announced last week its chapter at the University of Alberta will be "provisionally suspended" for 3 years. The decision follows an internal investigation into allegations of abuse at the chapter, where fraternity members were publicly accused of yelling at pledges, telling them to eat their vomit, and confining them in a plywood box. uAlberta has stripped the fraternity of its student-group privileges and launched its own investigation. Edmonton Journal

New research briefs contrast PSE experiences by demographics

New research briefs released Monday by the MESA Project show that female college students have greater retention rates that their male peers. The research observes females make PSE decisions earlier than males, enter PSE with higher overall grades, but are less likely to have savings for education. Researchers found that students from urban communities with populations greater than 100,000 are less likely than others to drop out of PSE, while students from medium-sized communities, whose populations are between 10,000 and 100,000, are more likely to leave. Rural students fall somewhere in between these groups in terms of drop-out rates. Urban students are most likely than others to live at home with the parents during their first year of PSE and spend the most time commuting to and from school. The research shows that Aboriginal students are more likely than others to leave PSE, despite having overwhelmingly positive attitudes toward their studies. uOttawa News Release | Read the research briefs

StatsCan article draws profile of trade qualifiers

In the latest edition of Education Matters, Statistics Canada reports that in 2007, 18,341 persons obtained a certificate of qualification as trade qualifiers in a skilled trade in Canada (a trade qualifier is someone who has not completed an apprenticeship program but has acquired enough practical work experience to write the exam to get the certificate). 94% of those persons had never taken an apprenticeship program before obtaining a certificate, while 2% had completed an apprenticeship program in another trade and 4% had discontinued their training. 3 out of 10 skilled trade workers obtained a certificate of qualification as a trade qualifier in 2 major trade groups: construction craft workers (16.2%) and electricians (14%). Women accounted for 5% of trade qualifiers. They accounted for 84% of trade qualifiers in the hairstylist/aesthetician trades, and 27% of persons who obtained a certificate of qualification in food services. Statistics Canada

Donation, bequest help fund new research chair at UWO

The University of Western Ontario approved last Friday the Cecil and Linda Rorabeck Chair in Molecular Neuroscience and Vascular Biology, made possible through a $1-million donation from Cecil and Linda Rorabeck and a $500,000 bequest from Myra Millson. UWO will match the funding to create a $3-million endowment to fund the chair, effective July 1, 2011. The chair position will be located in UWO's Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry, and the holder will be an appointed scientist at the new Centre for Molecular Neuroscience and Vascular Biology at Robarts Research Institute. Western News

$1-million donation to Acadia supports emerging scholars

Last Friday, Acadia University and the Harrison McCain Foundation announced a 5-year, $1-million program to enhance faculty excellence in research, instruction, and community engagement. Starting next year, Harrison McCain Young Scholars Awards of $100,000 will be given annually to support 5 to 7 talented faculty members who show individual promise in one or more areas of faculty development, teaching, research, or community service. The Foundation is also providing $70,000 a year for the Harrison McCain Visiting Professorships to support both emerging and well-established scholars who wish to visit Acadia. $30,000 will be provided annually to fund 2 Harrison McCain Visitorships to support faculty who identify short-term professional development and collaborative opportunities at other institutions. Acadia News Release

Queen's staff join United Steelworkers

The United Steelworkers of Canada has been certified to represent staff at Queen's University. The results of ballots cast in a vote last spring are 487 to 417 (53.8%) in favour of unionization. The ballots had been sealed since the March vote because Queen's and the union needed to agree on the description of the bargaining unit. The bargaining unit will encompass more than 1,200 university employees. Queen's News Centre

More marketers embracing social media

In 2011, 4 out of 5 US companies with at least 100 employees will take part in social media marketing, eMarketer estimates. That's up from 42% in 2008, and the number of marketers using social media will continue to rise through 2012, as eMarketer estimates 88% of businesses with 100 employees or more will use social media marketing. A global survey of marketers found that social media ranked third among areas on which marketers planned to focus the online marketing budget in 2011, following search/keywords and their own website. eMarketer