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December 16, 2010

Lansbridge U sues NB government for damages over accreditation loss

Lansbridge University is suing the New Brunswick government for damages over the loss of its provincial accreditation. The private online institution has already given notice of motion that it wants the provincial order to have its accreditation revoked quashed on the grounds Lansbridge U was not given a chance to properly defend itself. A party cannot sue for damages in the same procedure in which it seeks to have a ministerial order dismissed. Daily Gleaner

$10 million for UFV Chilliwack campus expansion

The University of the Fraser Valley received a $10-million boost from the BC government yesterday for the expansion and renovation of the Canada Education Park campus in Chilliwack. The $40-million project, slated for completion by next fall, includes the construction of a multi-purpose building, a new Aboriginal gathering place, and renovations to the existing engineering building that was originally part of the Chilliwack Canadian Forces Base. The 14,000-square-metre multi-purpose building will include wet and dry laboratories, classrooms, and study space. The facility will house health science programs, the teacher education program, and expanded Aboriginal access services and programs. BC News Release | Chilliwack Times

Queen's projects $4.6-million shortfall

According to a financial update, Queen's University is projecting a $4.6-million shortfall, slightly larger than the $3.8-million shortfall originally forecast for this year. The primary cause of the increase in the projected deficit is the continued impact of lower-than-expected returns on investments, stemming from the 2008 economic downturn. While Queen's notes there has been some recovery in the market, it has been sluggish and sporadic. The university has also faced a few unexpected challenges in the revenue column. A detailed look at projections shows a shortfall in grant-eligible graduate enrolments. That decrease has been somewhat offset by $400,000 in accessibility funding from the Ontario government, but the result is still a $300,000 shortfall in revenue from provincial government grants. Queen's Financial Update

UWO med school considers office in Stratford

At a Stratford city council meeting Monday, it was revealed through a proposed variance to the sign bylaw for 206 Ontario Street that the University of Western Ontario's Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry is interested in locating an office in Stratford. The school's dean has been in the town recently looking at expansion in Stratford. The city's mayor confirms there has been "preliminary" discussion from the Southwestern Ontario Medical Education Network, which is part of the school, about locating an office in Stratford. If the Ontario Street location was selected, it would be an office, not a campus with programming, opening in the location. Stratford Gazette

International-student enrolment boom at uAlberta

New figures from the University of Alberta show nearly 4,500 international students enrolled in full- or part-time programs at the institution in fall 2010, up from approximately 3,920 the year before. Foreign students now make up 11.7% of the overall student population, up from 6.9% four years ago. While uAlberta continues a steady climb of international numbers, the most significant year-over-year gain in 2010 was the number of new foreign undergraduate students. Nearly 530 new international undergraduate students enrolled this fall, compared to 407 the year before -- an increase of 30%. uAlberta News Release

Academica research explores influencers of PSE pathways of under-represented students

A new Academica Group study, commissioned by HEQCO, observes that the PSE pathways chosen by under-represented applicants -- Aboriginal peoples, persons with disabilities, students whose parents did not complete PSE, and students who delayed their entry into PSE after high school -- are more influenced by work and family issues. Applicants who declined a PSE offer were influenced by financial concerns, including higher-than-expected costs and insufficient financial aid. Students with disabilities were more prone to dropping out before program completion and were much less likely than other "early leavers" to feel supported in their non-academic responsibilities. Under-represented graduates were more likely to access student services and financial aid, much less likely than other graduates to receive financial support from their family, and more likely to borrow from private sources to fund their education. Research summary | HEQCO report

StatsCan reports 30% earnings gap between university-educated men and women

According to Statistics Canada, in 2008, women with less than a Grade 9 education earned on average $20,800, compared with earnings of $62,800 for women with a university degree. In contrast, men with less than a Grade 9 education made $40,400 on average, compared with $91,800 earned by those with a university degree. While the earnings gap narrowed for those with higher levels of education, women working full year full time with a university degree made about 30% less than men with a university degree. Statistics Canada

Olds College launches Canadian Institute for Rural Entrepreneurship

Alberta-based Olds College announced yesterday the creation of the Canadian Institute for Rural Entrepreneurship (CIRE). Initially, work within the CIRE will focus on emerging new sectors in the rural economy such as farm-fresh food sales, the production of high value food products and ingredients, and rural manufacturing enterprises. Located on 5 acres of college land, the multimillion-dollar institute will be part of an upscale hotel, restaurant, and conference centre built in close proximity to existing research and production facilities. The new venues will contain specialized learning environments designed to support the work of the institute. Olds College News

Northern College eligible for NSERC funding

Northern College is now eligible to apply for federal research grants through NSERC's College and Community Innovation and Idea to Innovation programs. The institution has identified a number of areas of expertise in which it can pursue applied research funding, including water resources, cold weather construction methods and materials, and mining. "Northern College's strengths in technology, health and veterinary sciences open the door to numerous applied research opportunities that will assist northern industry to meet challenges and explore innovative solutions," says president Fred Gibbons. Northern College News Release

Welland launches town-and-gown committee

At a meeting Tuesday, the City of Welland established a town-and-gown committee tasked with helping to eliminate the problems people living near Niagara College have faced over the past few years. The committee will bring together residents in wards 1 and 4, students, college administration, Niagara Regional Police, and bylaw enforcement staff. With their input, one city councillor says the municipality can then successfully develop policies that will address parking, housing, and other issues around the college. Some councillors say the committee should have landlord representation. Welland Tribune