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August 9, 2019

“A dramatic change in course” needed in MB’s treatment of post-secondary: Chernomas, Hudson

University of Manitoba Professors Robert Chernomas and Ian Hudson write that the Government of Manitoba’s recent and upcoming policy decisions will make post-secondary more expensive and less accessible, which in turn will have negative effects on both individuals and the broader economy. Chernomas and Hudson highlight the impact that greater access to more education has on the country's economy, the population’s wellbeing, and the quality of research done by universities. In light of the upcoming provincial election, the writers encourage provincial parties to consider making clear statements on how they will ensure the research capacity, accessibility, and quality of the province’s post-secondary sector. Winnipeg Free Press (MB)

Concordia’s District 3 lays foundation for cooperation between Israeli, Palestinian communities

Concordia University’s District 3 offers an incubator program called “Our Generation Speaks-Concordia Accelerator Program,” which is laying the foundation for future cooperation between Israeli and Palestinian communities. Through the program, four visiting Israeli and Palestinian entrepreneurs will develop their startups through collaboration with District 3’s innovation residency teams. “At OGS, we are grateful for this developing partnership and look forward to further expanding this alumni-based program, together, in our journey to promote peace and prosperity in the Israeli and Palestinian region,” said OGS Program Director Lobna Agbaria. Concordia (QC)

Growth of Canadian Black studies could reverse “Black brain drain”

After decades of tireless efforts from Black scholars and student activists, the field of Black studies has seen growing recognition in the Canadian academy, as well as formal recognition, funding, and space. Angelyn Francis highlights the increasing introduction of new programming, growing demands from Black faculty members, and calls for support for related initiatives in Canada. “It’s a long process. Curriculum change, even for a minor, can take a year-and-a-half or two years, sometimes more,” said Concordia University’s dean of arts and science André Roy, who added that a major issue with offering an interdisciplinary Black studies major is “who’s going to teach in it, and whether we have enough Black scholars to make it a Black studies program that would be reflective of the Black experience.” Charmaine Nelson, an art history professor at McGill University, added that a degree major – as opposed to simply introducing minors – would help secure funding for new faculty and reverse what she calls a “Black brain drain.” University Affairs. (National)

AB auditor general flags concerns, makes recommendations for institutions

The Government of Alberta’s Auditor General Doug Wylie has flagged concerns at several Alberta post-secondary institutions in his latest report. “This report card is really trying to simplify this information and let people know how the institution that either they’re attending or they’re an alumni for or just in the neighbourhood, how well they are performing and if there are areas that they need to improve,” said assistant auditor general Robert Driesen. The report found that eight post-secondary institutions have recommendations from previous reports that are still outstanding, and that some of these have been outstanding for over five years. Report | Calgary Herald (AB)

Georgian, Mercury Marine Canada partner on educational opportunities in the marine industry

Georgian College and Mercury Marine Canada have announced a partnership that will expand and improve educational opportunities for the marine industry. Students of Georgian’s Mechanical Techniques programs will have the hands-on opportunity to work with the latest marine technology and products, and Mercury Marine Canada will relocate its service training from Milton to Georgian’s Barrie campus in the Fall. Canadian Yachting states that Georgian is the only technical education school in Canada that offers a Mercury University certification program for Mercury dealers. Georgian | Canadian Yachting (ON)

Growing number of students in US caring for aging or sick relatives while studying

A growing number of students in the US are pursuing post-secondary studies while caring for aging or sick relatives, and this comes with an increased risk of dropping out, reports Emma Whitford. An AARP report found that in 2015, about 10 million people aged 18 to 34 in the US were providing care for an elderly or disabled loved one. Whitford notes that the issue has a demonstrated impact on student wellness, although institutions have been slow to acknowledge that caring for a loved one is a responsibility for a growing number of students. Chronicle of Higher Education (International)

CBU launches new institute to grow island tourism

Cape Breton University has announced the creation of a new tourism institute that will use research gained from global experts to help local operators learn best practices. CBC reports that the institute will host professional development sessions for local operators, and that it also plans to host two conferences, the second of which is slated for 2021 and will be international in nature. "We're imagining large groups of industry professionals, practitioners, academic researchers around the world who are interested in that meeting between the best of Cape Breton Island tourism and the best of the world tourism," said Keith Brown, co-director of the World Tourism Institute and a professor in CBU’s MBA program. CBC (NS)

NIC adds apprenticeship training to Electronics Technician program

North Island College’s Electronics Technician Core certificate program has added apprenticeship training, which will allow the program to meet Industry Training Authority requirements for the Electrician Apprenticeship Harmonized Level 1. “Industrial electronics and electrician training are two sides of the same coin,” said Cory Batch, NIC’s Electronics Technician Core certificate instructor. “Much of the training was already included in the program. Making this small change means students get credit for that knowledge and skillset which they can use to further their training.” Graduates of the program can move into NIC’s Industrial Automation diploma. NIC (BC)

ULaval-affiliated CRSAD receives $1.4M from Canada

The Centre de recherche en sciences animales de Deschambault (CRSAD), which stems from a partnership between the Province of Quebec and the Université Laval, has received an investment of up to $1.4M from the Government of Canada. The investment will go towards three research projects related to ducks, honeybees, and goats. "In addition to the new knowledge acquired, the projects will contribute to the training of highly-qualified personnel who will then be able to act as agents of change in the production of bees, dairy goats or ducks and continue to support innovation in these sectors,” explained CRSAD President Doris Pellerin. “The projects will also contribute to the improvement of production conditions and animal welfare." PR Newswire (QC)

Niagara, SER partner to provide certification to ecosystem restoration grads

A partnership between Niagara College and the Society for Ecological Restoration will help graduates of Niagara’s Ecosystem Restoration graduate certificate program become Certified Ecological Restoration Practitioners-in-Training. Niagara states that they have become the first post-secondary institution in Canada to partner with SER’s Certified Ecological Restoration Practitioner program, which helps graduates as they pursue the CERPIT designation. “Certification recognizes practitioners who have met a high standard of knowledge and experience,” stated SER CERP Program Coordinator Jen Lyndall. “Early career CERPITs, like those from Niagara College, can really differentiate themselves from other candidates during job searches, but more importantly they gain access to technical information and a network of hundreds of other CERPs and CERPITs from all over the world.” Niagara (ON)