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January 13, 2020

WLU's Making Space for Music fundraising campaign receives $4M contribution

Wilfrid Laurier University has received a $4M donation to the university's Making Space for Music campaign from the Savvas Chamberlain Family Foundation, an initiative that aims to expand WLU's Faculty of Music building. WLU will name the renovated building the Savvas Chamberlain Music Building. With this contribution, WLU's campaign is quickly approaching its $14M goal that will be used to create an improved space for teaching, practising, rehearsing, and performing music. “This leadership gift will have a powerful impact on our ability to continue to deliver a unique student experience and world-class instruction within our celebrated Faculty of Music," said WLU President Deborah MacLatchy. WLU | The Record (ON)

Collège Air Richelieu signs agreement with Transport Canada, attains ATO certification

Collège Air Richelieu has signed an agreement with Transport Canada securing Approved Training Organization (ATO) certification. A result of Transport Canada's Pilot Project, the agreement will see Competency Based Training introduced at the college to help achieve benchmarked standards of performance. "We are very proud of being the first training centre in Canada to join the Transport Canada Pilot Project," said Collège Air Richelieu President Thierry Dugrippe. "We will seize this opportunity to offer even more adapted training to our Canadian and international clients. In this context, we plan to open new centres in Canada." Newswire | Collège Air Richelieu (QC)

U of T Law launch program to engage, support Black-identified undergraduates

The University of Toronto's Faculty of Law has created the Black Future Lawyers (BFL) program to engage and support Black-identified undergraduate students interested in law, as well as current Black law students. Inspired by the U of T Faculty of Medicine's Black Student Application Program, BFL will offer opportunities for students to participate in special events, conferences, lectures, mentorship, and job shadowing. “We hope to establish BFL chapters at every major university in Canada, building a community for Black students no matter where they are,” said U of T student Joshua Lokko. “It’s a great step towards ensuring that future generations of Black law students see law school as a place where they belong and can be successful.” U of T (ON)

Dealing with spam emails could cost the global academic community $1.1B annually

A recent study suggests that the global cost to researchers of dealing with spam emails is likely to be higher than the estimated value of the time academics spend peer-reviewing papers. Using UN figures, researchers suggest that the cost to the academic community of spam targeted at scholars–such as those from predatory journals–could amount to $1.1B annually. When all spam emails are considered–including those that are not exclusively targeted at academics–the overall cost to academia rises to about $2.6B a year. Researchers suggest that possible solutions may involve educating academics on spam and improving email filtering technology. Times Higher Education (International)

RDC, Queen’s engage in brand initiatives

Red Deer College and Queen's University are engaging in new branding initiatives. RDC is seeking community input on the rebranding and renaming of the school's Kings and Queens Athletic teams in light of its ongoing transition to Red Deer University. Specifically, the college states that it is interested in names that are not gender-based. Queen's Smith School of Business has launched a new brand marketing campaign in order to promote and raise the profile of the school. The campaign focuses on the concept of “Always On,” a representation of a state of mind or attitude required in business today. RDC | Queen's (National)

Brock, McMaster renew partnership to increase Niagara-trained doctors in region

Brock University and McMaster University have renewed an agreement which will continue to increase the number of Niagara-trained doctors practising in the region. The five-year extension will create a framework to continue the partnership and expand its benefits to students at both schools. "We’re looking forward to future partnerships between our programs on issues such as the health of marginalized populations, and on joint symposia," stated McMaster Regional Assistant Dean of Niagara Regional Campus Amanda Bell. Brock (ON)

Designing a superior online course: Mintz

As demands on students' time and pressures to gain more credits increase, online education will play a more pronounced role in higher education argues Steven Mintz. Suspecting that many online classes of the future will "offer a pale imitation of a genuine education," the author argues that "it is possible to offer a robust, engaging, highly interactive online instruction, as long as cost savings are not the highest priority. Mintz offers 15 tips for creating a superior online learning experience including: move beyond basic discussion boards and chat rooms, gamifying aspects of your course, and creating student leadership opportunities. Inside Higher Ed (International)

Class of nursing students at BrandonU face penalties following compromise of final exam

A class of second-year nursing students at Brandon University are facing disciplinary action after a final exam was "compromised" and made "widely available," reports CBC. Students have the option of retaking the exam with a maximum possible grade of 70%. Students will also have the opportunity after retaking the exam to appeal their grade individually if they feel the remedy is too punitive. "The Students’ Union is working with the University to ensure that an acceptable outcome is reached for the students in this case and that all policies and procedures are being followed," said BrandonU Vice-President Internal Whitney Hodgins. CBC | Brandon Sun (MB)

On recycling ideas - Self-plagiarism in higher ed: Opinion

Scott McLemee explores the rules and reasoning behind self-plagiarism in academia. The author notes that there are various guidelines regarding self-plagiarism circulating--some more formal than others--that suggest that an author is permitted to reuse anywhere from 10% to 30% of a previously published work when preparing a new one. An author might choose to recycle their ideas for a variety of reasons, especially time constraints, but McLemee concludes that self-plagiarism might ease anxiety around ownership of ideas and the inadvertent plagiarism of another's work. Inside Higher Ed (International)

ON launches new ad campaign promoting value of skilled trades education

The Government of Ontario has launched a new marketing campaign to encourage Ontarians to consider alternative pathways other than university. “We have to challenge the stigma that somehow a career in the trades isn’t a viable first choice when it comes to career planning,” said ON Labour Minister Monte McNaughton. The campaign is part of province's $75.5M initiative to promote skilled trades. The Star (ON)