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February 14, 2020

MSVU launches online pilot program to connect businesswomen in rural NS

Mount Saint Vincent University's Centre for Women and Business (CWB) has launched a digital pilot program that aims to connect women business owners across Nova Scotia. The program, Coffee Talk, is a monthly online program designed to connect aspiring, start-up, and established women in business, encouraging collaboration and improving business skills. "The idea for Coffee Talk came from the success of our monthly networking breakfasts in Halifax, which have resulted in many friendships and partnerships," said MSVU CWB Business Advisor Nora Perry. "There was a demand for women outside of the metro area and for those unable to attend the breakfasts to participate in a similar program and experience those benefits.” MSVU (NS)

SFU, Langara sign agreement to support pathways for Indigenous students

Simon Fraser University and Langara College have signed a new agreement to allow Indigenous students to easily transfer from Langara to SFU to complete degree programs. The SFU-Langara Indigenous Transfer Pathway agreement details various commitments specified by institution to support Indigenous learners. For example, Langara has committed to objectives like providing Indigenous students with information on entrance awards and facilitating SFU recruitment at the college, while SFU will provide up to five Aboriginal Student Entrance Awards to eligible SFU transfer students. “This partnership will create better opportunities for Indigenous students and allow our institutions to work in partnership with the Indigenous community to meet their educational goals,” said Langara Provost and Vice-President, Academic and Students Ben Cecil.  SFU  | NationTalk  (BC)

OPSEU President calls on Canadore to share results of third-party investigation into 'toxic work culture'  

Ontario Public Service Employees Union President Warren Thomas has demanded that Canadore College's Board of Directors and President provide the union with a copy of a third-party report regarding the college's workplace culture. The investigator, who was hired almost a year ago in the wake of a human rights complaint by a former employee, is scheduled to deliver her findings today. Canadore Board of Directors will receive the report, partially based upon the testimony of over 50 OPSEU members, and decide whether its contents will become public. “It was terrifying for them to speak out because there’s such a poisonous culture of intimidation and reprisal at Canadore,” said Thomas. “But they testified anyway because they love their work and they care deeply about the quality of education they offer the students.” OPSEU | North Bay Nugget | Bay Today (ON)

Collaboration is key to improving student learning 

In our experience, even at universities which offer various forms of support for educational development, there are challenges around faculty accessing such support, or making a choice to access it (or not), write Andie Burazin, Veselin Jungić, and Miroslav Lovrić. Recognizing these challenges, two authors called for a national dialogue regarding teaching practices in first year mathematics at Canadian universities. The call resulted in several national meetings on the topic, the creation of sharable online database for math instructor resources, and the publication of a First-year Math and Stats in Canada newsletter. "Our hope is that this Canadian dialogue will reach far enough to encourage our university policymakers, administrators and professional societies to engage in a meaningful structural change to meet the demands of the modern world and provide the best learning experience possible for our students," conclude the authors.   UA  (National)

Fanshawe partners with Irish and UK institutions to create pathways

Fanshawe College has partnered with Ireland’s Limerick Institute of Technology, IT Sligo, and IT Tralee and the UK's Solent University to offer diploma to degree pathways that will allow Fanshawe diploma and advanced diploma graduates to complete a degree abroad. The college's partnership with the Irish institutions will allow pathways to degree completion for Electrical Engineering Technician and Electromechanical Engineering Technician programs, Theatre Arts and General Arts and Science degrees, and Early Childhood Education degrees. Fanshawe's renewed articulation agreement with Solent will allow degree completion opportunities for multiple Fanshawe diplomas, as well as graduate study opportunities to Fanshawe bachelor's degree graduates. Fanshawe (ON)

MacEwan launches television studio to promote hands-on learning

MacEwan University has unveiled a new television studio equipped with all that the school's Bachelor of Communication Studies students need to hone their storytelling skills. The studio—equipped with editing suites, a chroma key (green screen) wall, 4K cameras, wireless video transmitters, and professional-level audio equipment—will provide students with the hands-on learning environment required for success in post-graduation careers. “Not only do our grads need to be skilled writers,” said MacEwan Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts and Communications Allan Gilliland. “They must also be practiced videographers, editors and social media experts.”  MacEwan  (AB)

Sheridan receives funding to support virtual human project 

Sheridan College has received a federal grant to allow the school to purchase equipment necessary to advance computer-generated characters for private industry and social innovation. Amounting to nearly $1M, the grant will fund the Virtual Humans and the Creative Industries project, an initiative that aims to develop new types of interactive and immersive digital storytelling that can be used in health, education, and cross-cultural education and research. “Sheridan’s project will provide opportunities for social innovation research by enabling the creation of individualized, context-aware, autonomous social interactions,” said Sheridan Dean of Innovation John Helliker.   Sheridan   (ON)

On the 'value' of postsecondary education 

Improvements are certainly long overdue in the way higher education institutions operate, writes Anthony P Carnevale, "but the value of a college degree in the workplace is without question." While some recent American studies demonstrate that "wealth premiums" gained from higher education are not increasing as quickly as they did previously, Carnevale challenges a simplistic reading of these statistics by arguing that 45% of wealth comes from inheritance. "Raising alarms about the value of college because graduates aren’t able to accumulate wealth more quickly is like saying the graduation party was ruined because the champagne wasn’t cold enough," concludes Carnevale.   Inside Higher Ed  (International)

NIC launches Computer Information Systems certificate 

North Island College has launched a Computer Information Systems certificate to prepare students to develop and manage information systems. The program includes computer programming, web scripting, database fundamentals, and systems administration courses that combine theory with practical applied skills. “Employees who maintain networks, systems and software are invaluable and in high demand in the region,” said NIC Dean of Arts, Science, and Technology Neil Cruickshank. “This program provides students with the foundational skills to find employment in a wide range of information technology areas.”  NIC  (BC)

UQÀM reintroduces Italian program to baccalaureate offerings

The Université du Québec à Montréal's École de langues has announced the reintroduction of a beginner’s level Italian language and culture program. An Italian language program was offered at UQÀM in the 1990s and 2000s, but suspended admissions in 2011. Since then, students have been able to take Italian lessons at the school, but without these counting towards a baccalaureate degree. Beginning Fall 2020, students already registered for a baccalaureate at UQÀM will be able Incorporate the Italian program into their degree if their current program structure allows for it. The 15-credit program will focus on written and oral language skills, as well as courses on Italian culture taught in French.   UQÀM  (QC)