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May 17, 2021

ON invests in training of 2,000 nurses

The Government of Ontario has made two recent significant investments into training and education. ON is investing $35M to increase enrollment in nursing education programs in publicly-assisted colleges and universities in the upcoming academic year. The funding is expected to introduce approximately 1,130 practical nurses and 870 registered nurses into the province’s health care system and will expand clinical education placements in long-term care. The Minister of Long-Term Care, Dr Merrilee Fullerton, explained that this investment is intended to particularly “help shore up staffing in long-term care” as well as the broader health care system. ON (ON)

ULethbridge introduces DSB Edge cohort for management studies students

The University of Lethbridge’s Dhillon School of Business has introduced a cohort concept for students starting in the Fall 2021 semester called the DSB Edge. First-year management studies students will be placed within a student community when they start their first year, register in courses together, and live in the same residences. They will also have access to the DSB Edge student orientation, leadership development, and networking events. “The first year of University is very exciting and can also be a bit overwhelming for students,” said Dr Kelly Williams-Whitt, associate dean for the Dhillon School of Business. “With DSB Edge we want to create an environment where students feel supported and as though they’re part of a team from the very beginning.” ULethbridge (AB)

MUN Board of Regents proposes name change to reflect presence in Labrador

Memorial University’s Board of Regents has proposed that the university’s official name be changed to Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador. The change would recognize the expansion of MUN’s presence in Labrador through the Labrador Institute, which has brought programming, resources, and infrastructure to Labrador with the goal of providing education “in, by, and for Labrador.” The change was proposed by the Board of Regents and is under consideration by NL Education Minister Tom Osborne. “Having Labrador formally added to the legal name is significant and meaningful as we fulfil our special obligation to the people of Newfoundland and Labrador,” said MUN President Dr Vianne Timmons. MUN (NL)

Brescia creates Centre for Women and Leadership

Brescia University College has announced that it has created the Brescia University College Centre for Women and Leadership, which will be led by the inaugural Distinguished Chair Dr Marlene Janzen Le Ber. The centre will be a hub of scholarship and advancement of women. It will be responsible initiatives such as the creation of new leadership courses and programs, embedding leadership in Brescia’s core curriculum, and forging partnerships. “The creation of Brescia’s Centre for Women and Leadership supports the growing need for a greater diversity of leaders - leaders with the strength of character to balance taking care and taking charge,” said Janzen Le Ber. “I am thrilled with the opportunity to use my scholarship and previous executive leadership experience to facilitate the fulfillment of the Centre’s unique mission.” Brescia (ON)

Interpreting cover letters for academic positions: Opinion

Those who are responsible for hiring for academic positions should be taught how to interpret their applicants’ cover letters, writes David D Perlmutter. The author offers a variety of questions hiring committees should consider while reading cover letters. Perlmutter encourages members of the search committee to ask if they are reading each cover letter efficiently and consistently, if the letter is tailored to the position, if it shows that the candidate would be a good fit for the position, and if it shows the candidate is likely to feel committed to the campus location and culture. “[W]e should be looking in a systematic fashion for the signs and portents that point to a successful match,” writes Perlmuter. Chronicle of Higher Ed (Subscription Required) | (Editorial)

Western receives 60 works of art from alumnus John A Schweitzer

Western University has been gifted $4M in art by alumnus John A Schweitzer. The donation recognizes Schweitzer’s ties to Western and Western’s endorsement of his work, and is dedicated to the former director of Western’s McIntosh Gallery. 60 works spanning Schweitzer’s career are included in the gift, 38 of which are original works. “It’s a tremendous honour to receive such a personal gift from one of Canada’s foremost artists,” said President Alan Shepard. “We are fortunate John holds such a deep affection for his alma mater, and we are delighted he is celebrating his lifelong connection to Western through his art. It’s a gift that will inspire our campus community for generations to come.” Western (ON)

QC tables Bill 96 to limit number of students at English cegeps

The Government of Quebec has tabled Bill 96, legislation that would cap the number of students attending English cegeps at 17.5% of QC’s student population. The bill would see Anglophone students prioritized at English cegeps, and would also place a cap on the amount that enrolment in English cegeps can increase. Students in English cegeps would also be required to pass a French-language test in order to graduate. Students have reacted to the proposal by saying they want the option to choose what language they study in. “We won’t lose French just because we go to an English school,” explained Karlanne Dusablon, who plans to study English literature next year at a cegep. “At home, I speak French. My parents speak French. They don't speak English.” CBC | Montreal Gazette | CTV News (QC)

UOF, ACC, CapilanoU introduce new program offerings

The Université de l’Ontario français, Assiniboine Community College, and Capilano University announced new program offerings. UOF will be offering a University Microcertificate in Education – Introduction to Pedagogy for professionals working in French-language schools. The institution has also divided four specialized bachelor’s degrees into shorter programs, including university certificates and microcertificates, to promote continuing education. ACC has partnered with Carson Dunlop to offer students an online Home Inspection program, which will be offered flexibly through a personalized training portal. CapilanoU will be offering new minors in Business and Communication Studies to students enrolled in four-year bachelor degree programs, which will allow them to customize their programs of study. CapilanoU | NewsWire | ACC (National)

Lakehead, AlgomaU, US institutions launch Lake Superior Living Labs Network

Lakehead University, Algoma University, University of Minnesota Duluth, and Michigan Technical University have partnered to launch the Lake Superior Living Labs Network. The four institutions will collaborate to raise awareness about the Lake Superior watershed through a variety of different initiatives, including the seven-day Lake Superior Climate Action Field School, public events and webinars, and the development and dissemination of climate action tools. The Lake Superior Climate Action Field School will focus on training future climate leaders using a hybrid model. Participants will learn about climate change through virtual workshops, experiential workshops, art, and field trips, and both researchers and students will share their findings on the network’s website. Lakehead | CBC (International)

NBCC closes campus in face of Hold & Secure status

New Brunswick Community College went into a Hold & Secure status on Thursday due to an “ongoing police presence” in the nearby Centennial Park. The New Brunswick RCMP was investigating a report of a vehicle struck by bullets, with the shots appearing to come from the woods near the college. The community was advised to not approach campus and not open external doors to the buildings. The Moncton campus was closed at 1:00 PM as a precautionary measure, as were several K-12 schools and health centres in the area. The Hold & Secure status was lifted by the RCMP at 6:00 PM and campus was reopened the following day. The investigation is ongoing. CTV News | Twitter (1) | Twitter (2) (NB)