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June 9, 2021

Acfas publishes study on barriers, issues faced by Canadian Francophone researchers

A study published by the Association francophone pour le savoir (Acfas) has found that French-speaking researchers in Canada face a variety of barriers, especially when they are working within minority settings. The study found that researchers face a lack of support and recognition, have heavier administrative duties and teaching loads, and may have difficulty getting teaching assistants who have mastered the French language. Furthermore, researchers face pressure to publish in English, and are at a disadvantage when putting forward French grant applications or organizing scientific events in French. The researchers have provided nine recommendations for the sector to better respond to the needs of and challenges faced by French-language researchers, such as the creation of a service to assist research in French (SARF). CTV News (CP) | Newswire | Acfas (National)

Fleming, Algonquin to lead Forestry and Wood Product Manufacturing/Producing program

Fleming College and Algonquin College will receive $5M from the Government of Ontario to lead a skills training project focused on the forestry sector. Through the Forestry and Wood Product Manufacturing/Producing program, the colleges will connect with employers to identify skilled labour needs and provide training to 150 jobseekers and 300 employed workers. Algonquin and Fleming will also form a consortium to develop further partnerships and encourage industry and stakeholder participation. “This is a clear example of the impact colleges have always had in ensuring industry has access to training that supports employment growth and retention within key sectors of Ontario’s economy,” said Algonquin President Claude Brulé. Fleming College | MyBancroftNow (ON)

NRC, Mitacs invest $2.5M into graduate, post-graduate student internships

The National Research Council of Canada (NRC) and Mitacs have announced that they will be investing $2.5M over into graduate and post-graduate student internships. The five-year investment will fund 250 internships to bolster seven Challenge programs and five Supercluster support programs. “Mitacs is proud to continue and expand our partnership with the NRC to drive Canadian innovation,” said François–Philippe Champagne, Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry. “Through this new partnership we will accelerate the flow and exchange of research expertise between academic institutions — both domestic and international — with industry, and not-for-profit partners.” NewsWire (National)

TRU partners with ICCHA Wish Fund to create bursaries for nursing students in financial need

Thompson Rivers University’s School of Nursing has announced that it is working with ICCHA Wish to raise $1M to support nursing students through the ICCHA Wish Community Ambassador Fund. Donors who contribute $50K, which is the full bursary amount required to fund one student through four years, will be able to choose to support a student from a particular community group or region. “TRU has invested greatly in advancing health-care education, so we have skilled professionals well prepared to offer care,” said TRU President Brett Fairbairn. “Today’s announcement also supports TRU’s commitment to open access and inclusion by reducing financial barriers for students.” TRU (1) | TRU (2) (BC)

HEC Montréal to launch Arpège – Research Hub on Management Education

HEC Montréal has announced the launch of Arpège – Research Hub on Management Education. The research centre will support the development of knowledge on management teaching and learning, as well as sharing this knowledge through publications which can be transferred to educators. “Management education is more than practices and experiences,” said Arpège Director Anne Mesny. “It must also be the subject of research. There is much still to be understood and discovered about teaching and learning, in management and other fields. The pandemic has made that very clear.” HEC Montréal (QC)

UoGuelph to launch Master of Data Science program

The University of Guelph has announced that it will be launching a Master of Data Science program. The program will train students using a flipped-classroom mode with hybrid online and in-person learning. Students will receive technical training and study topics such as the ethics of data science and identifying potential biases. “Students will have the opportunity to learn from our renowned faculty working and conducting research in data science, artificial intelligence and emerging technologies,” said Dr Ben Bradshaw, UoGuelph Assistant VP of Graduate Studies. UoGuelph says that the program has been recognized by the Vector Institute, which will give students access to scholarships, networking, and career opportunities. UoGuelph (ON)

Postsecondary sector has a key role to play in agriculture sector’s future: Opinion

Canada’s agricultural sector is more important than AI to the country’s future, writes columnist Kevin Carmichael, and the postsecondary sector has a vital role in preparing Canada’s agricultural sector for the future. The author explains that agri-food is an area that Canada will continue to have an advantage in as climate change makes farming impossible in other areas of the world. Carmichael calls for food-related industries, government, and organizations to strategically work together to address the potential Canada has as an agri-food power. “Universities and colleges must be present, because research and development is the engine of innovation,” writes Carmichael. The Grove Examiner (National)

Ontario Tech receives $2.2M from Tribute Communities

Ontario Tech University has received a $2.2M contribution from Tribute Communities to support student success. $1M will be used to establish a scholarship program for students with a financial need. Ontario Tech will also receive the historic Stone House, which will be used to host small events and hold meetings. “Tribute Communities sees the value of investing in and empowering the next wave of leaders and innovators,” said Ontario Tech President Dr Steven Murphy. “Tribute’s generosity in creating these significant awards demonstrates their confidence in Ontario Tech students.” Ontario Tech (ON)

Issues faced by women striving to reach the top in universities: Editorial

In an article for The Globe and Mail, Chen Wang and Robyn Doolittle discuss the challenges that women face in “rising to the top” of the university system. Wang and Doolittle argue that there is currently a "power gap" in the system: while that the representation of women in Ontario has increased since 1999, overall wages have decreased. A recent report says that women are better represented in lower leadership roles, but that the percentage of women in top leadership roles has decreased since 2009. Change has been slow in higher ed, write Wang and Doolittle, due to the same challenges faced in other sectors: increased work interruptions due to maternity leave and unpaid care work, societal biases, and less initial support from their institutions. They note that issues at universities also tend to be overlooked because of the strong rhetoric around equity, diversity, and inclusion on campus. The article notes that the right conditions must be met for institutions to change quickly. The Globe and Mail (National)

Laurentian to receive eCampusOntario funding for three projects

Laurentian University has announced that it will be receiving almost $1.25M in eCampusOntario funding for three projects: the Centre for Research in Occupational Safety and Health’s (CROSH) Collaborative Healthcare Simulation, The Stories of Decolonization Film project, and the Virtual Learning Strategy Funding project. The Collaborative Healthcare Simulation will include 12 flexible virtual reality training modules for nursing and respiratory therapy students. The Stories of Decolonization Film Project is a two-part, multilingual documentary series with curriculum guides that will be shared through eCampusOntario to share information about colonialism and decolonization. The Virtual Learning Strategy Funding project will expand Laurentian’s digital learning capacity through creating two bilingual teaching positions. Laurentian | CTV News (ON)