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January 14, 2022

Herzing offers students affected by college closures opportunity to complete their education at no additional cost

Montreal Herzing College has announced that it will be allowing students affected by the recent private college closures in Québec with an opportunity to complete their studies at Herzing without incurring additional costs. Herzing will accept financial credit for tuition paid and will accept credits for courses already completed toward a program at Herzing. “The Herzing College Educational System has graduated over 40,000 students in Canada over the past 53 years – You can count on us!” said Herzing President Michael McAllister. “We don’t want any students deprived of their education as a result of this turn of events.” News Wire (QC)

Kanaka Bar Indian Band, SAIT, Okanagan, organizations partner on climate-resilient housing project

The Kanaka Bar Indian Band has partnered with Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, Okanagan College, Foresight Canada, and Seko Construction on a pilot project to provide climate-resilient housing options to those who lost their homes in the Lytton, BC wildfire. The project will focus on sustainable new build and retrofitting solution for Kanaka Bar Indian Band members as well as those in the Lytton region and across Canada. SAIT will lead a team of members from Okanagan, Foresight, and Seko as they create options for rebuilding in the Lytton region with a vision of building more resilient structures. “This will impact all Canadians, especially for our hardest hit neighbours in BC, through public sharing of the processes and innovations used in the project,” said SAIT Interim Vice President Corporate Development, Applied Research and International Mark Butler. Castanet | Penticton Western News (AB | BC)

NWT educators, VIU partner to develop Bachelor of Education degree for NWT students

Educators in the Northwest Territories have partnered with Vancouver Island University to develop an accredited Bachelor of Education degree for students in the territory. The program will aim to address inequities in education in the North, and is designed to attract people with some experience who are excited to pursue a career in teaching. Students can enter the program in their third year or after completing a degree, diploma, or a journeyman certification. Students will complete practicums, online courses, and on-the-land courses without leaving NWT. Former Aurora College president Jane Arychuk said that the program will be “filling a gap” while Aurora College transforms into a polytechnic university. CBC (NWT)

Chief Justice rules Laurentian is not required to give auditor general privileged information

Chief Justice Geoffrey Morawetz of the Superior Court of Justice has ruled that Laurentian University will not be required to give privileged information to Ontario Auditor General Bonnie Lysyk. Morawetz said that the Auditor General Act does not require those being audited to give information and records that are subject to solicitor-client privilege, litigation privilege, or settlement privilege. “We will continue to provide the auditor general with the documentation and non-privileged information she needs, and is entitled to receive, in order to perform her audit,” read a statement from Laurentian. CBC reports that Auditor General Bonnie Lysyk is planning to appeal the decision. CBC | Globe and Mail (ON)

Managing phishing threats through education and technology: Opinion

Phishing is an old but effective attack vector and institutions must protect their community and be prepared for cybersecurity breaches, writes Jerry Dixon. Dixon describes a variety of strategies individuals can use to identify and avoid phishing attacks, such as educating people on potential threats and their various forms. The author also recommends that institutions prepare to manage successful phishing attacks through appropriate preventative tools, a well-equipped team, and post-incident reports to learn from incidents. Campus Technology (Editorial)

UWindsor launches Fundamentals of Race and Anti-Black Racism course for public

The University of Windsor has launched a new race and anti-Black racism course for the public – the Fundamentals of Race and Anti-Black Racism – through UWindsor’s Continuing Education office. The course will be discussion-based and offered virtually, and will cover issues such as race, anti-Black racism, and whiteness. The course takes 18 hours to complete, and those who finish it will earn a certificate. “I hope for the participants [of this course] to take away a foundational understanding of the construct of race and racism ... and then build on that foundation to be able to recognize when they are experiencing or are the perpetrator of micro-aggressions,” said course teacher Kaitlyn Ellsworth. CBC | UWindsor (ON)

Pre-trial conference ordered for trial of woman accused of defrauding ULethbridge

The Lethbridge Herald reports that a pre-trial conference has been ordered for the trial of a woman accused of defrauding the University of Lethbridge out of an estimated $580K. The pre-trial conference will be undertaken to schedule dates for the trial that will suit the defence, the Crown, and a judge. Calgary lawyer Rabie Ahmed said that “some very serious logistical issues” also require discussion, such as finding an appropriate judge to conduct the trial due to ULethbridge’s high-profile involvement. The accused reportedly pleaded not guilty to the charges of fraud over $5K, theft over $5K, and possession of stolen property over $5K. Lethbridge Herald | Lethbridge News Now (AB)

UBC receives first edition of William Shakespeare’s Comedies Histories and Tragedies

The University of British Columbia has announced that it has added a complete first edition of William Shakespeare's Comedies, Histories, and Tragedies, published in 1623, to its collection. UBC purchased the First Folio with funding provided by donors when an opportunity to acquire a copy of the book arose in 2021. The book includes 36 of Shakespeare’s known 38 plays and is not in perfect shape, which provides an opportunity for scholars to study the changes made to it and their significance. “This is really a gift, not just to UBC, but also to the City of Vancouver and to the many people in the region who appreciate Shakespeare,” said Katherine Kalsbeek, head of rare books and special collections at UBC Library. UBC | CBC (BC)

UoGuelph launches Foundations in Agricultural Management

The University of Guelph has launched a Foundations in Agricultural Management certificate course. The course is funded by a $1.25M donation from the RBC Foundation and support from Farm Credit Canada. It is intended to train farmers and producers in farm management skills such as business planning and strategy, financial literacy, mental health and resistance, and family farm transition planning. It includes eight video modules that are self-paced and offered completely online. “[P]roducers are actively seeking resources to support them as their farm operations become larger and more complex,” said OAC Dean Dr Rene Van Acker. “I am confident that this course will equip producers with the knowledge and resources they need to run successful farm operations for generations to come.” UoGuelph (ON)

Taking time to prioritize a “wellness streak” to manage work stress: Opinion

In a recent article in The Conversation, University of Calgary Director of Field Experience Astrid H Kendrick describes how committing to a “wellness streak” can help people manage work stress. Kendrick says that a wellness streak, in which one commits to doing a wellness-related activity every day, can help people working in professions that have high rates of burnout and compassion fatigue, such as education. In UCalgary’s Werklund School of Education, a #FieldSelfCareStreak has been added to student teacher practicum courses to help faculty, students, and partner teachers take time each day for wellness. The challenge includes taking 15-20 minutes each workday during the field practicum course to engage in an achievable self-care activity. The Conversation (Editorial)