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June 13, 2022

UCalgary receives $23M for Quantum City technology hub

The University of Calgary has received $23M from the Government of Alberta to create Quantum City, a quantum science technology hub that will accelerate quantum technologies. Quantum City is a partnership between AB and UCalgary, the University of Alberta, the University of Lethbridge, and polytechnic schools in AB. It will focus on accelerating research in quantum technologies and training talent to fill future jobs. “Quantum City will elevate quantum research in Calgary to be amongst the strongest globally,” said Quantum City Scientific Director Dr Barry Sanders. “Quantum City is enabling the launch of new training programs such as a professional master's degree in quantum computing being launched in 2023, industry internships, research scholarships and fellowships, and training tools developed with the university's anchor industry partner Mphasis.” Calgary Herald | UCalgary | CTV News (AB)

UBC launches admissions pathway for Black medical students

The University of British Columbia has launched an admissions pathway for Black medical students. The new pathway aims to address underrepresentation of Black physicians in the province. Students applying through the pathway will have the opportunity to submit an essay and have it reviewed by a sub-committee of Black stakeholders from BC’s medical community. The program will also provide Black students with holistic supports and touchpoints before, during, and after their studies. “The goal of the pathway is to remove barriers that hinder the professional and academic success of Black students, creating a community within and beyond UBC where Black MD students can see representation that reflects them within higher medical education and the healthcare system,” said Faculty of Medicine Black Student Initiatives Manager Donneil McNab. UBC (BC)

Dal launches BSc Truro Start program to let students begin BSc on Truro Campus

Dalhousie University Faculty of Science students will now be able to begin their studies at Dal’s Truro Campus through the BSc Truro Start program. Starting in Fall 2022, students will be able to complete their first year at the smaller Truro Campus before transitioning to the Halifax campus for the remainder of their program. The new option will allow students to benefit from smaller class sizes and a dedicated program coordinator and advisor. “As a satellite campus of Dalhousie University, we can provide more academic options for students who prefer to ease into academic life in a small town and on a small campus,” said Truro Campus Principal David Gray. Dal (NS)

Community members express concerns over suspension of Mohawk’s Accessible Media Production Program

Community members are expressing concerns after Mohawk College announced plans to pause its Accessible Media Production Program due to low enrolment. The eight-month program is offered online and teaches students about creating accessible content, disability legislation, and inclusive writing, and is reportedly the only program of its kind in Canada. While the program has reportedly struggled with enrolment from the beginning, critics are concerned that the program has not been promoted well enough and that the suspension will impact the accessibility industry and persons with disabilities. Some are also concerned that there has been a lack of consultation and that the micro-credentials that the college plans to replace the program with will not make up for the loss of the program. CBC | Global News (ON)

Addressing the gender pay gap: Editorial

In a new article for The Conversation, Marcie Penner (Western University) and Tracy Smith-Carrier (Royal Roads University) discuss findings from recent research on the gender pay gap at Canadian universities. The research, which used King’s University College as a case study, found that women full-time professors earned an average of 9% less than men earn for the same work. When Penner and Smith-Carrier calculated the pay and pension gap across different career trajectories they found that a $9K starting pay difference resulted in cumulative pay and pension gaps of $454K at the associate level, $468K at the full professor level, and $660K if a woman was not promoted to full professor compared to a man who was. The authors recommend addressing systemic bias by providing transparency on assessments and data, fostering environments that women can thrive in, and addressing the power gap in senior leadership positions. The Conversation (Editorial)

CEWIL, Canada extend partnership to support 18,000 additional WIL opportunities

Co-operative Education and Work-Integrated Learning (CEWIL) Canada and the Government of Canada have extended a partnership that will give postsecondary students enhanced access to work-integrated learning (WIL) opportunities. The two-year agreement extension will include $36M in funding to support an additional 18,000 WIL opportunities for students. CEWIL’s Innovation Hub (iHub) will also continue funding grants that focus on expanding WIL access, removing barriers to participation, enhancing programming through technology, and partnerships for innovating WIL. “The pandemic and evolving labour market has continued to call upon us all to think outside the box in providing work-integrated learning,” said CEWIL President Dr Matthew Rempel. “Inspiring innovation in WIL creates wider access to quality WIL and responds to changing needs of students, post-secondary institutions, and industry.” CEWIL (National)

VCC launches Marketing Technology Diploma program

Vancouver Community College has launched a Marketing Technology Diploma program that will teach students about the technical side of marketing. The diploma focuses on customer relationship management (CRM) software, and gives students the opportunity to gain hands-on training in the technologies used in the industry. The program condenses theoretical courses and software-based certifications to prepare students to work in CRM administration roles. Students will also learn skills related to Google Adwords, ecommerce, analytics, and marketing automation, and will complete a capstone project. “When it comes to configuring a CRM, it’s more like a skilled trade than anything else,” said VCC Marketing Technology department head Jeremy White. “It’s actually a great fit for VCC.” VCC (BC)

YorkU to install two new domes at Allan I. Carswell Astronomical Observatory

York University has announced that it will be installing two new remote-controlled domes at its Allan I. Carswell Astronomical Observatory. The new domes will replace the original domes that were installed in the 1960s. They are designed to give the public a larger viewing area and will be equipped with an automatic control system that allows the dome to follow the movement of the telescope. “Not only is this [automatic control system] a huge timesaver, it means we can collaborate with other astronomers and teachers anywhere in the world for research and outreach,” said YorkU Observatory Director Elaina Hyde. “To get the best use out of the recent one-metre telescope, plus the 60cm telescope, which we already had, it was well time we replaced the domes.” YorkU (ON)

Reconsidering using the terms “excellence” and “inclusivity” together: Opinion

Postsecondary institutions need to reconsider using the terms “excellence” and “inclusivity” together, as this can undermine EDI-focused goals, writes Andrea Y Simpson. Simpson argues that phrases such as “inclusive excellence” often focus on ensuring that an institution’s “standards” continue to benefit the majority. The author writes that “excellence” is often ambiguously applied to diversity and inclusion, allowing those judging who is “excellent” to use mainstream industry standards to determine who is more “excellent” than others. Simpson writes that this may lead to those who fit standards and work in established areas of their discipline being chosen as “excellent,” while those who would present diverse viewpoints are not considered “excellent.” “‘[M]aking inclusivity excellent’ means it is easier to exclude qualified minority applicants because it is conveniently ambiguous,” writes Simpson. Inside Higher Ed (Sub. Req.) (Editorial)

Nipissing faculty association FASBU extends collective agreement

The Nipissing University Faculty Association’s Full-Time Academic Staff Bargaining Unit (NUFA, FASBU) has agreed to extend its collective agreement. The extension includes improvements such as a three-credit course release (or equivalent) for the Indigenous Faculty Representative to the Association Executive position, salary scales increasing by one per cent, and an increased Professional Expense Reimbursement amount for some members. A Retirement Incentive Program will also be put into place in July 2022 for full-time, active tenured faculty members who are sixty or older and have served at Nipissing for at least 20 years. OCUFA (ON)