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November 7, 2022

USask shares report addressing broader issue of Indigenous identity fraud in academia

A new report commissioned and released by the University of Saskatchewan addresses the broader problem of Indigenous identity fraud in academia. Report author and Métis lawyer Jean Teillet discussed how universities have taken positive action by creating positions for Indigenous individuals, but have relied on self-identification to fill these positions and underestimated how many people would exploit this for their own gain. “It’s poison,” said Teillet. “It seeps out everywhere and then everybody is tainted by it and everybody’s damaged.” Teillet explained that universities tend to be ignorant of the complexities of Indigenous identity, resulting in inadequate checks and balances for detecting fraud. In the case of USask, Teillet encouraged the institution to take actions such as employing clear standards and warnings when handling false claims at the institution, creating a specific complaints process for false claims, and taking steps to evaluate how the university’s culture may undermine its Indigenization Strategy and Indigenous members. USask | CBC | Brandon Sun | Nation Talk | News 24 (FR) (SK)

NB apprentice support program expands nationally

A New Brunswick-designed apprenticeship program that aims to break down barriers to completion is being expanded nationwide. NB developed the Virtual Learning Strategy (VLS) program in 2012 to support apprentices who experience challenges or who have been diagnosed with a learning disability to complete their apprenticeships. VLS provides informal assessments to identify needs and offers supports to implement interventions such as one-on-one meetings to identify client learning styles, exam anxiety, and individual factors affecting students’ performance. The Government of Canada and NB have entered a partnership until 2026 to offer the program in five other jurisdictions: Saskatchewan, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland and Labrador, and the Yukon. NB (NB)

Canada responds to report about African international student study permit refusals

The Government of Canada has responded to a report questioning the number of study permits being declined for African international students seeking study permits for Quebec colleges. Representatives from cégeps told CFJC Today that they have seen 80-90% of the study permits for international applicants from Africa denied, leading to challenges with international recruitment and low program enrolment. In response to the report, the federal government has reportedly acknowledged the issues and has committed to working on the study permit process with QC, providing better application process information, increasing training for personnel, and ensuring that those with future immigration plans are not punished. CFJC Today | CBC (QC)

Academics will and/or should stay on Twitter: Opinion

In a pair of articles on Inside Higher Ed, Susan D'Agostino and Dominik Stecula argue that academics either will or should stay on Twitter in the wake of Elon Musk’s acquisition of the platform. Many academics are considering leaving Twitter for alternative platforms due to concerns about disinformation and toxic content, explains D’Agostino. However, both authors argue that the platform continues to provide an important space where academics share ideas with each other, communicate research results to and connect with the general public, and even look for academic and non-academic jobs. These factors, they explain, will likely keep academics on Twitter for the time being. Inside Higher Ed (D’Agostino) | Inside Higher Ed (Stecula) (Editorial)

UOttawa launches CitéStudio with city, modernizes regulations

The University of Ottawa has partnered with the City of Ottawa to launch CitéStudio Ottawa, an initiative that will improve community inclusion, sustainability, and health. Students, faculty members, and community members will work with city officials through CitéStudio to develop solutions to societal issues such as discrimination, housing, and poverty. The university also recently modernized its Regulation on Bilingualism to reiterate its support for both official languages and to foster a strong Francophonie. UOttawa (1) | UOttawa (2) (ON)

Canada provides $6.4M to help create Inuit research network

The Government of Canada has provided $6.4M to fund the creation of an Inuit Research Network through the Canadian Institutes of Health Research. The Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami (ITK) stated that the network would help Inuit define research priorities and support self-determination in the face of the unique issues and challenges they face in health research. Obed described how working with researchers while providing an Inuit-specific lens to the work would help better understand and address Inuit health concerns. The funding will be distributed to four Inuit regions and their land claims organizations, which will receive the funding through ITK. The Network builds on ITK's National Inuit Strategy on Research. CBC | The Star (National)

UFV partners with RBC to launch RBC On Campus

The University of Fraser Valley has partnered with the Royal Bank of Canada to launch RBC On Campus, an educational centre expanding financial literacy opportunities. The centre will be staffed by RBC advisors, who will provide free one-on-one advice, seminars, and workshops on student finances, financial literacy, and financial planning. “RBC On Campus provides learning opportunities for students that go beyond the financial realm and assist our community in developing graduates who possess these foundational and life-long skills," said UFV Vice President of Community Engagement Susan Mide Kiss. UFV (BC)

UHearst, CNF partner to develop Francophone university programming

The Université de Hearst and the Collège nordique francophone have partnered to develop Francophone university programming in the North. The partners will work together to develop innovative joint credit courses. The first course will be offered in 2023 and will be available to the communities of UHearst and CNF, as well as Francophones across Canada. The partnership will help to raise UHearst’s visibility on a national scale while helping CNF increase its pedagogical capacity and make education more accessible to the Francophone community. “This is a great opportunity to offer our students enriching experiences and encounters between Francophones from across the country,” said CNF Executive Director Patrick Arsenault. Timmins Press (ON | NWT)

UnivCan, CICan release statements on Canada’s Fall Economic Statement

Universities Canada and Colleges & Institutes Canada have released statements in response to the Government of Canada's Fall Economic Statement. Universities Canada has called for greater investment in research to foster Canadian talent and maintain Canada as a popular destination for global researchers. They also warned that Canada is behind other countries in making significant investments in research. CICan praised the provision of $802M for youth employment and skills building. They further praised the decision to make Canada Student Loans and Canada Apprentice Loans permanently interest-free and to launch a Sustainable Jobs Training Centre leveraging the resources of postsecondary institutions across Canada. However, CICan also called for more funding for innovation and applied research and stated that there is a need for more infrastructure funding to support postsecondary institutions. UnivCan | CICan (National)

Brock shares plans, new updates on Hamilton Campus move to Burlington

Brock University has taken the next steps to relocate its Hamilton Campus to Burlington. The university has sold its Hamilton Campus site and will relocate to the former Robert Bateman High School site in Burlington after work is completed on the site. The City of Burlington recently shared that it had completed a purchase agreement and land exchange transaction regarding the high school with the Halton District School Board. Brock has also struck an agreement with the school board to operate out of the former Lester B Pearson High School in Hamilton for the 2023-34 academic year. Brock (ON)